The Cooperativa Agrícola dos Fruticultores do Cadaval CRL, is the producers queen of Rocha Pear. Based in Cadaval, nearby Lisbon this cooperative was founded in 1969. The production, storing, packing and commercialization started in 1972, being currently the biggest Rocha Pear growers organization, with about 300 associates.

Coopval has become also the biggest storing and production site facility of Rocha Pear in Portugal. With updated facilities Coopval has now a covered area of 24,000m2.

The most advanced technologies for the fruit industry cold storage are in place, with capacity to refrigerate and store 25,000 tons, being 80% of that capacity in controlled atmosphere. Our procedures allow us to match the international standards of food security, totally computerized to check and manage the quality of our fruit. Coopval has at production level the GLOBALGAP, LEAF and TESCO NURTURE certifications, and also the premises, with the BRC certification (Technical Standard and Protocol for Companies Supplying Retailer Branded Food Products).

In 1997 Coopval started its internationalization, with the first exportations to Brazil. In the following years, we have started businesses in countries like Canada, England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Russia, France and Spain. As proof of our bet in exterior markets, nowadays more than 80% of our production is for exportation.


Coopval is a cooperative regularly audited and with certified installations. Constant and strong investments have been made during last years to modernize and seek for constant innovation. Every day is packed and loaded Rocha Pear and apples for several countries in the world. There are 50 CA cold store cameras with capacity for 17,000 tons, 13 NA cold store cameras with capacity for 7,000 tons, 1 ripening camera with capacity for 20 tons and 2 test cameras with capacity for 4 tons.

Membership Structure

As one of the cooperative principles, Coopval is run by and for their members, with the following structure:

  • Superior board;
  • Board of directors;
  • Board of auditors;
  • Advisory Board

The membership structure of Coopval is elected in a general meeting every 4 years.

The Superior Board is the highest structure of Coopval and is responsible to call general meetings and make sure all the resolutions are made legal and according to the book of proceedings of the cooperative. All the active members are informed to be present in general meetings. The superior Board has 3 elected members, chairperson, a vice-president and a secretary.

The business and daily operations of the cooperative are to be managed and controlled by the board of directors, and for that purpose the board has and may exercise the powers of the cooperative. The board has 3 elected directors, president, an account and a secretary.

Board of auditors are composed by 3 elected members, a president, a secretary and a comptroller. This board is responsible for controlling and supervising all accounts of the cooperative.

The Advisory Board shall be composed by the members of the superior Board, board of directors, account board and six other cooperative members.

  • BRC Food
  • LEAF
  • Nature
  • PME Líder
  • Global Gap
  • Proteção Integrada